Health and Safety

We use only the highest qualiy modelling balloons in our art, and inflate them with either a manual or battery operated pump. You will never see Aled inflate balloons by mouth, as children copy what they see. Balloons placed in the mouth is a major choking hazard. All balloon cut offs are discarded safely (which is why combat trousers are an essential part of Aled's attire).

The balloons used contain a powder in order to prevent them from popping whilst being twisted. This may cause a mild irritation by drying out skin. This hazard however, is only really applicable to the modeller.

Please note that we will use our discretion when modelling for toddlers and babies. As a rule, children under three will not be handed a complete balloon model, as toddlers and babies have a tendency to bite anything that is given to them. Instead, any model made for children in this age group will be handed to the parents, and instruction given to make sure that it does not go in their mouth. Not only is a burst balloon a choking hazard, but a popping balloon can be very painful against the skin.

Balloons by nature are not quiet. They will creak whilst being twisted (as the friction on the latex is being applied), and this may cause the occasional pop (or bang). Some children are a bit nervous about this, and can be seen shielding their ears while we work. This however is nothing compared to the reaction of the parents, who can be seen physically squirming from the noise. Please be assured, we will endeavour to keep the amount of creaking and banging to an absolute minimum (if not just for the balloon modeller's sanity).

Thank you for taking time to read these points. Should you have any further questions regarding our health and safety practices, please do not hesitate to contact us using the "contact us" page.

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